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Founded in 1988, we are a wholesale distributor, bottling 5 days per week, 7 days during peak summer months. Our largest portion of business is 5-gallon bottles. Company produces close to 3 million gallons per year of finished product. Our water is 100% ​​​Natural Artesian Spring Water bottled at our source in Lowellville, Ohio. The​ impermeable rock, clay & sandstone surroundings protect the in ground aquifer from any outside or​ surface contaminants.​

To insure highest quality product process of purification & being bacteria free consist of: Ozone(ultra violet back-up) Carbon filtration​​ water softeners Reverse osmosis .05 micron filtration system All bottling & capping equipment is made of stainless steel.​​​​​

For over 30 years, the Pine Hollow Bottling Co. has provided high quality spring water to many satisfied customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Our on-sight artesian well provides the source for water that is available in 5 gallon and 3 gallon refillable bottles. Our product line is completed by 1 gallon, 20 oz, and 16.9 oz bottles carrying the Gordon Brothers label. Our purified water has placed in the top ten in an international test each of the last three years. Please enjoy our water with the assurance that it is high quality water from a genuine spring.

Our Water meets or exceeds all local, state & federal Governmental drinking water regulations & standards.​​​​ Our water is inspected & approved for consumption​​ weekly by:

Micro-Bac Labs

New Castle, PA​​​


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